Mauri’s approach toward direction is heavily influenced by his years behind the camera as a Photographer. As a kid he grew an early interest in painting and classical percussion, combining these two eventually got him into experimenting with cinematography in high school while falling in love with moving images.

He moved to Copenhagen during the “Dogma years” to learn and develop his own naturalistic visual storytelling. His documentary “MAD DOG – from chaos to comeback” about an MMA fighter that lost his way in life, premiered on Swedish SF theaters in 2016, to good reviews. An extended release on SF Anytime, Viaplay and Apple TV was launched in 2022.

Today Mauri’s work is defined by a poetic realism led by strong character-driven stories, told through beautiful cinematic images and with a great understanding of how to use lights and color. 

For Mauri, it all comes down to his personal connection with the script; he often gravitates towards the underdog stories and the outsider’s perspective. “It’s always about finding that emotional fight in life, connecting with it, letting it move the story and translating that power to the audience in new creative ways.”


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